Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Mission, Vision and Values

Jarit is a civil association that seeks to promote critical global citizenship through social participation in order to transform multicultural realities in intercultural.


Promote social participation of immigrants and native from proximity and living spaces as well as critical thinking, transforming multicultural realities in intercultural.

Focusing on established power structures.

Promote the exchange of experiences from establishing synergies social action, the development education, cooperation and co-development and community development on a South-North.


Be referenced in the process of participation and empowerment in proximity spaces, establishing itself as a civic entity vindictive showing that multiculturalism is a feasible reality.


Critical awareness:
We believe that to build a better world, is first necessary to build a critical consciousness in which we are able to create and transform the different realities in a global and committed.

Cultural Diversity:
We are a mixed, where they live and work migrants and indigenous people with respect and diversity. This represents an added value and innovative organizational model of integrative intervention seen as best practice within the institution itself.

We believe that the cultural process is possible and work to transform multicultural spaces in intercultural. Interculturality allows permeabilicen cultures with each other and give rise to another culture more diverse, rewarding and participatory.

We fight everyday for identical treatment of all persons, regardless of physical characteristics, Gender, social class and other circumstances differentiating, anywhere in the world.

Democratic participation:
Foster an organizational model in which all those involved in the association have access to opportunities for participation and decision making, and we monitor that the mechanisms of choice and appointment of our governing bodies are truly transparent and participatory.

We are an association that defends its autonomy and its ability to stay true to its objectives, although our economic independence is not total. We understand independence as an exercise in courage, assuming the consequences of maintaining consistency and to defend our principles for any public or private, government, political party the company, but under pressure from players who may not agree our actions.

We work so that the processes of internal debate and decision-making processes are made transparent and good internal communication.

Respect and dialogue:
Our behavior is based on non-violence and the ongoing dialogue, as a pathway for consistent construction of another model of coexistence, to promote real equality between women and men, migrants and indigenous and respect for the environment.

We work in the here and now, what happens in our immediate environment so understanding it through the neighborhood where we are with associations located in other countries where the ratio is close. We are in the process of discussion, reflection and action on issues that directly affect the neighborhood and the people who live in it.



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