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Jarit (is an organization that was started in 1996, it´s a nonprofit movement witch primary concern and work, and main actions are to improve the situation of immigrants in to the society. ) , . 1996, ., ., ., is the situation of immigrants in host societies.

For this, its primary objective is to promote an intercultural society by sensitization go to help build new attitudes of solidarity and open.

We believe that knowledge and exchange is the best way to fight prejudice and rejection of difference, so by various means appropriate to each situation, try to extend this knowledge.

Aware that migration, as in other social facts, is necessary to work simultaneously on the many aspects that make it up: the general and specific, society of origin and host, the political, administrative and social attitudes, regularization and specific personal needs, Jarit about developing his actions from this perspective and, so, acting simultaneously on a plurality of registers and levels.

Its headquarters and scope with the largest presence is in the neighborhood of Ruzafa in Valencia, intercultural neighborhood with great presence of immigrants. On their premises permanently open to the streets in the neighborhood, offers a number of services trying to alleviate the difficult situation of being experienced by these people, at least, in its first period of stay. Also local Rivas Vaciamadrid, in the neighborhood of the Cañada Real, which duplicate the work done from Valencia.

Despite benefiting from immigrants of all types of backgrounds, are Senegal and Maghreb the places that are developed regularly projects international cooperation and possibly emergency.

We know that mass movements of people away from obeying whims of fate, are due to the strong and growing social inequalities between countries, regions and continents, Jarit critical declaring a world order in which the hegemony of business interests, politicians and its subsidiaries- cause increasing the impoverishment of most of the inhabitants of the Planet.

Accordingly, advocate a world without walls in which the free movement of persons is an inalienable right, particularly when there is caused by unmet basic needs. It is unacceptable to put obstacles to the transnational movement of people when the free movement of capital which does not have any brake whatever its effects on populations.

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