Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Jarit (friend / partner in Wolof) are located in neighborhoods with a large presence of immigrants, where he works for and with migrants and offers both these people as the native tools for coexistence between different cultures is a success.

Jarit is a joint partnership, where they live and work migrants and locals with respect and diversity. This represents an added value and innovative organizational model of integrative intervention seen as best practice within the institution itself. Jarit offers a level of autonomy and participation with volunteers from a philosophy of maximum aperture. Within this team altruistic, highlight the presence of the / migrants, reinforcing its integration and training as citizens / assets as a meeting space and sociability.

The pull factor and facilitating the integration of the migrant population is the size and flexibility in opening and closing of the association, because of the coordination between the team and the large number of volunteers. That helps the immigrant population, which is about work schedules with many charges of any kind, to access training and to interact in an active way with the neighborhood and the city.
Jarit is created in the environment of the District of Russafa, in the city of Valencia, initiative of a group of people from different backgrounds, with the concern to restore a South - North, where they live in a growing increase in the migrant population has been displaced from their countries of origin for social, the political economic.

Over the years we adapt to the changing social reality, diversification as well as the type of proceedings for persons covered by the same.


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