Sunday , 25 June 2017
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Plan Estratégico

Strategic Plan

After a long period of reflection Jarit we need to draft a document framework that allows us to capitalize on what has been learned years ago through the redefinition of the objectives of the main areas of the organization. For this reason we created this Strategic Plan 2012-2016 from a participatory and deliberative effort between the technical team and volunteers that make this organization.

The Strategic Plan 2012-2016 is the product of a collective, necessarily be as start-up and development. This Plan would not have been possible without the participation of many people connected to the organization. In this sense the strategy is the result of an effort of internal reflection and deliberation by all the people who make them confident Jarit word and reflection as a tool to improve organization.

To all the comrades Thanks!

Download PLAN_ESTRATÉGICO 2012-2016



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