Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Training and Development Strategy Tourism and Sustainability in the commune of Taouz (Morocco)

The project is aimed at encouraging participation / young people in the borough of Taouz, influencing the environmental protection through awareness programs and activities aimed at tourist who visit the area each year. All through an educational process aimed at our two local partners and young people selected from the Commune Taouz at risk and social exclusion to acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to enable them to be the protagonists of change in your region.

The project has three phases:

1. Reform and furnishing of a facility that will enable to carry out the training
2. Literacy training, tourism and the environment, social fabric and economic solidarity and methodology and practices 22 Commune youth Taouz
3. Performance of activities to promote sustainable tourism and encourage economic diversification in the community.

Equipped and fitted a center where the training carried out whose agenda is divided into the following blocks:
Literacy, social awareness, tourism and environment, solidarity economy, social awareness and teaching methodology.
The phase of practice will enable and stimulate both local associations involved in the project and implement recreational activities for social and environmental awareness with students, exhibitions and activities for tourists aimed at promoting sustainable tourism and encourage economic diversification in the community.

Briefings will be maintained and awareness campaigns among the different agents in integrated tourist lodges Associations Taouz Commune promoting the Code of Ethics Jarit driven and partners supported by various associations and local Spanish who work in the area. The code informs tourists about the importance of his visit in addition to the impacts that can create the same on the community.

Tourist services in the Commune of Taouz that comply with this Code of Ethics, gozarán de espacio publicitario en una página web dirigida a personas que quieran viajar de una forma diferente de difusión nacional e internacional que contendrá además de buenas prácticas medio ambientales, offer eco-tours with guides, cultural exhibitions, music and traditional product sales will be conducted in local associations.

Code of Ethics developed by the Association and local counterparts Jarit Association Hassi Youth Association Al Labiad and Khamlia and signed by the associations working in the area.

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