Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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We seek to promote education for respect for difference, and promote intercultural awareness and empathy with the "other". In short: an education that engages in the pursuit of a fairer relations, which assume that our behavior and attitudes have consequences in other parts of the world.

We therefore propose a type of intervention that encourages the active pursuit, independent thinking, the critical, participation, accountability, mutual collaboration, decision making and positioning personnel to certain phenomena.

It is essential to provide an atmosphere in which students have much to contribute on their own learning process. So, opted for a strategy based on teamwork as a key element of the proposed activities. Each group member will be essential to achieve shared goals.

The types of learning in which we draw are: Meaningful learning, experiential learning and service learning.

The projects have two phases:

– Working in the classroom with teaching materials which teachers is key to introduce the concepts we want to work and the values ​​that we assume.

– Workshops and exhibitions workshops where a team of guides from different backgrounds have the students to immerse themselves in the concepts and values ​​worked through objects, imagery, acclimated spaces. The speech has a staff component from their own experience, affect the collective transformation.

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