Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Education for Development

In Jarit understand that the Education for Development (EPD) refers to an educational process aimed at generating awareness about the global realities and to provide tools for participation and social transformation in key justice and solidarity.

The Education for Development aims to build a critical global citizenship, active politically and socially committed to a fair and equitable human development for all communities in the world.

Multiculturalism work through the knowledge of all cultures that make up the Spanish State, and break the stereotypes forged in a time of disagreements.

Our work is aimed to bring about this change, to be unequivocally reflect a model of coexistence in which mutual understanding prime. To know a country or group, the most effective way is to introduce in its customs, their lifestyles and, first of all, come to feel as they feel: learn from empathy.

And it is through empathy we understand that the actions of Development Education can help to promote the solidarity of citizenship.

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