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Social Participation Mostaganem (Algeria)

The project is aimed at promoting social participation of youth and women of Mostaganem (Algeria) through cultural promotion activities, and volunteer training.
The site of Ouled Tigditt is defined as a space where young people have a reference.

On the one hand, space is organized care related to socio-professional and professional qualifications (career paths, active job search, scholarships, and educational opportunities).
It also conducts training on cultural activities, and co-development workshops, health, international cooperation, gender and environmental development, power and social participation through volunteering and active development proposals from such training.

In the district are organized recreational activities for youth, children and women.

Another transverse line of the project is to strengthen local partnerships generally, and associations of the Management Committee in particular, through its active participation in the project and training in management and promotion of the social bases in associationism. For this, invite all interested partners in the project to participate in this committee and in the formation and activities of the same.


Ouled Tigditt Born in September 1999 in the most popular of Mostaganem. This association performs diagnostic, and solidarity activities during Ramadan, working with children / as within the group of Socio-Cultural and intercultural fields Spanish youth in holiday periods. Workshops has Spanish and French; a group of social action women and a young. Also, network works in partnership with other associations in connection with general themes for the city of Mostaganem. Our goals are the revitalization of youth through training and recreational activities, as an engine of local development.


The newspaper gave us a public collection of DVD's and books for the project.


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