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Co-Development Project – Strengthening networks – Senegal.

The project involves strengthening networking the shingles are in Bambey Diourbel, to promote development and enhance the development of SMEs to support young entrepreneurs. This will be done through three ways:
1) Training
2) Microenterprise development(microcredit program)
3) Awareness on migration

This project grew out of the concern shown by our fellow Senegalese, the interest shown by young people in their country to emigrate. Our immigrants, living on the borderline between Senegal and Spain, know the difficulties faced by those who come. They lived in a better situation because they came in the years 80, however, currently believe that life in Spain, especially in the Valencia, is very difficult and is not an answer to the problems living in Senegal.

This youth project to promote falls within the context of the struggle against unemployment, and settlement in their country of origin. Trying to avoid a desperate situation leads them to immigration and the terrible consequences of this, when dealing with irregular migration.

Employment is the key factor for social and economic, involved conducive to peace and social development of young people endogenous Senegal. These young people represent a considerable weight in the Senegalese political scene.
Senegalese migration has specific characteristics in the Valencia, namely, main dedication is to trade African crafts, and use of remittances in the country of origin on the other hand is largely devoted to their home communities, in Senegal and family networks integrate many of the community.

Due to the emergence of codevelopment believe that immigrant associations claim theoretical training that gives them the necessary technical autonomy to manage economic initiatives, social, health, cultural etc ... in their country of origin. Also, This training will provide the basis for the development of co-development projects in target.

For all that with this project we intend to integrate various areas:

The unemployment situation in the country of origin, co-development training immigrants to adopt specific initiatives an integral character, allowing the use of remittances in a positive way in the country of origin and destination.

As we intend to project completion after completion of the course will create a group of immigrants with co-development initiatives in their country of origin and specific training in business creation and trade.
From Jarit we can provide the technical support needed to develop initiatives and to an accompaniment from our experience.

With courses that are taught in Bambey and Diourbel, also the objective of promoting trade ties, also aims to train youth in various trades and provides the knowledge needed to manage micro-credit.

When starting the project both as Diourbel Bambey, we encounter a major difficulty arising from the mass exodus of young people to the capital and migration to other countries., doomed to social dislocation and insecurity. For this, it is necessary to sensitize young people to be aware of their importance in the development of their hometowns and participate in the project actively.

When using Senegalese members of our association, met the association of young musicians from Dakar, YBE, who are dedicated to raising awareness through music, we saw that this was the tool we needed to get alleviate this difficulty, encouraging young people in the regions where it is acting (Bambey y Diourbel) to reduce rates of emigration. So, while to get young people to see what the reality of migration, alternatives are offered training, promoting self-employment and microcredit.

The project has successfully developed. Have already been completed on schedule activities, and have corrected the activities were slowing. Finally, we have implemented within the time requested extension date.

Trips have been made up every two months for the control and monitoring of activities, and have worked by consensus protocols and processes.

The project has been to strengthen networks and Diourbel area Bambey, to promote development and enhance the development of SMEs to support young entrepreneurs. This will be done through four-way:

1) General Training
2) Specific Training
3) Microcredit
4) Sensitization

In Valencia have developed co-development courses, self-employment, foreign trade and enterprise development in Senegalese immigrants who participated and the local population, for participating companies to create wealth creation and employment in both the country of destination, Spain and more specifically in Valencia, and in the country of origin, Senegal (Bambey y Diourbel), strengthening business networks between the two countries.

They have passed on knowledge to the participants on the socio-economic and cultural development of the Valencia and have been focused on the creation and management of companies and cooperatives.

In Bambey and Diourbel also been conducted foreign trade courses, codevelopment, and self directed management Bambey beneficiaries of microcredit to give participants the skills to manage them and Diourbel artisans to strengthen their capacities

In Bambey has spoken on three areas:

– Carpentry and metal construction: has developed specific training in this area and expanded the facilities of this workshop and improved working conditions for employees.

– Hairdressing: has provided the barber shop larger equipment to improve performance and increase the number of jobs.

– Creating a tailor: has created a sewing workshop in the premises of CDEPS, equipping it with sewing machines and materials suitable for the implementation of the same, the same has been given specific training.

In collaboration with Diourbel Chambre des Metiers, and local authorities have intervened on five areas:

– Wood Sculpture: training has been aimed at strengthening the capacities of the sculptors located in the Chambre des Metiers, in order to improve their expertise, tactical and methodological, to improve the training of apprentices and to ensure quality production.

– Tailoring: training has been aimed at developing the skills of the tailors to improve their practical skills to improve the tailoring process and to train young girls in the office.

– Tincture: training has been conducted to assess the quality of local products in the dyeing of fabrics, developing the know-how for the acquisition of knowledge, to improve the training of artisans who are currently engaged in this trade, and young women to join the working life and develop methods of health and safety at work to properly handle the chemicals for dyes.

– Hairdressing: training has been designed to strengthen the expertise of the hairdressers, familiarizing them with modern methods and techniques that are linked to their profession and to train young women to enter the labor market is developing this business.

– Fruit processing, local vegetables and cereals: training has been aimed at bringing local cereal production, fruits and vegetables for daily consumption by the use of appropriate technologies, to ensure a quality product that meets the required standards in matters of local processing of products suitable for consumption by the population, to develop food hygiene practices and encourage the promotion of women and their associations.

Some of the training blocks Diourbel have been delayed due to lack of consensus on some points of the protocols for the award of aid, finally achieved consensus. It has sold the stock of the products generated in these formations to enhance the future sustainability of the project. A training have assisted local authorities, who have supported the process.

In Bambey specific training has been made on administration, management and philosophy of microcredit, materials prepared for this purpose.

On schedule selection was made of the beneficiaries of microcredit from the objective criteria that were set by consensus, after inventories were conducted on properties that were the beneficiaries and were awarded a total of 39 microcredit.

It has set a deadline of 2 months warranty and after this term / the micro entrepreneurs / as have begun to repay the amount agreed, with which they have granted some microcredit more people who had been on the waiting list.

Funding through microcredit has a rate of 1,5% and annual repayment has been set a deadline of between 6 and 12 months depending on the nature and characteristics of project finance.

There have been regular meetings to advise / microentrepreneurs and monitor the status of the return of microcredit.

These projects, addition to providing youth employment and experience, have been a source of funding, for the return of themselves are reinvesting in the award of microcredit.

On the other hand, has achieved a further object of motivation, because young people see that micro work and encouraged them to consider that their own micro-projects with the help of the training program and funding through microcredit.

With the participation of musicians from Dakar association has been made 3 concerts, intervened 15 groups at each concert, with 3000 assistants in Dakar, 1500 y in Bambey 3000 in Kaolack.

These concerts have helped to promote youth participation and youth in the development of their country and improve living conditions starting with their basic needs, and promoting self-relying on their own resources.

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