Tuesday , 20 March 2018
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International Cooperation and Co-development

Jarit understand cooperation as a collaborative work with the local population of the countries where. Both sides have the commitment necessary for the respective groups adopt an effective working method. Co-development is a new concept derived from international cooperation. Jarit working in this line since its inception because it is composed of people of various nationalities and working with migrants and their places of origin. So, is greatly enriched the common work. Jarit develops cooperation and joint development projects in Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Sahrawi refugee camps and Bolivia. In all projects, the priority is to strengthen the social fabric of the population on which you want to influence: young, women, associations; but also create spaces in which to reflect and work together to develop activities to strengthen the cohesion between the associations. Another line of action are fields of awareness and responsible tourism trips, for those who want a different experience in those areas where we develop projects. Living with people from other places causes a change of perspective in the participants that, to share their experiences, also encourage a change of attitude in their environment. Direct Action Video – Strengthening networks Senegal.


Where we work

Saharawi camps

Morocco Algeria Bolivia Senegal



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