Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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NO ICE Campaign

We concentrate on the last Tuesday of each month, to 19:00 h, in front of the Center for Foreigners (CIE) Sapper, By. Dr. Waksmann (Valencia) to demand its closure.
For over two years concentrating on the door of this space as the other eight are in the Spanish State (there 9 hundreds in Spain and throughout Europe) violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Human Dignity.
You know that there is a CIE in Valencia?

The Immigrant Detention Centers (CIE) are prisons that deprivation of liberty for women and men who have not committed any crime, by the fact that foreign. The Aliens Act allows the police to identify and detain immigrants, that they seclude in an ICD and eventually be deported.

The Campaign for the Closure Closure of Immigrant Detention Centris is a space where they meet people and organizations concerned about the violation of the rights of immigrants. We demand the abolition of RCFs in the Spanish State and throughout Europe. Stop the criminalization of immigration. Stop police raids. Stop the evictions.

We continue to demand the closure of all centers for Foreigners and therefore the cessation of all persecution and violence against migrants.

For a world without walls

By releasing prisoners CIE


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