Wednesday , 23 May 2018
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Comprehensive care programs for migrants: Castilian and Valencian classes, computing, legal service, intercultural mediation, socio-labor and management attention spot to Young Immigrant 13 Municipal Youth Centers from Russafa.

Lifelong learning on health professional training, geriatric, Aliens, occupational risk prevention, etc ...



Social participation in neighborhoods with the presence of migrants across platforms and networks where activities are organized on different topics: art, intercultural, restoration, claim and complaint, etc..

Organization intercultural days and annual carnivals.

Support and coordination with associations of immigrants from different countries conducting training and activities on common issues affecting the population.

Revitalize Jarité as open space, playful, sociocultural, Dining and cooperative where the meeting, relaxation and ambiance are key.


Projects that promote global citizenship and immigration issues critical, respect for diversity through intercultural coexistence, 8 Millennium Development Goals, Human Rights, gender equality, sustainable human development… Projects with training materials to work in the classroom and experiential workshops.

Training and awareness workshops, online training and extracurricular activities in schools.



Proyectos de Cooperación Internacional in Bolivia, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal and Sahrawi refugee camps, in which we promote social participation mainly youth and women.

Responsible tourism Travel y sostenible a los países donde colaboramos.

Proyectos Europeos para fomentar las buenas practicas entre trabajadores del sector juvenil.

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